The latest Apple Keynote: From illusion to anger and vice versa (Opinion)

On the 13th, Tuesday, I had everything prepared to follow with enthusiasm the Apple Keynote of the iPhone 12 and a more than likely HomePod, which finally did make an appearance. As the event unfolded, the illusion didn’t go away, that was good. But as always, Apple just pissed me off. I do not know if first it is the illusion and then the anger or is it really that I go from anger to illusion.

Apple’s Keynote was hopeful but in the end it always has details that users should not forgive.

Apple’s Keynote on the 13th started off really well. Introducing the HomePod mini, The one that should have been featured instead of the HomePod. Now so many years later you can’t present a smart speaker the same size as those from Amazon or Google. Good morning green sleeves. But in short, it is Apple and the functions of this new speaker are very good and with many expectations for the future. The downside of expectations is that if they are not met, we can never blame Apple because expectations are imposed by each of us.

The illusion was full. And I expected it to come up with the presentation of the iPhone 12, that although the rumors seem to have already told everything, surely there was something left in the pipeline.

So it was, some devices were presented, which after a long time I have had the feeling that the price they put on it is in line with what they sell. Considering that it is Apple, of course.

Some terminals good, pretty in the past that do not clash in the present and the short-term future, and above all powerful and durable. Some iPhone 12 models that make you want to buy regardless of the model you have. In fact, with the prices at which they come out, they are worth even selling yours to Apple itself.

Those new construction materials, the novelties in the cameras with the LiDAR scanner, the Time Lapse in night photography … my mother, You want it to work well in reality as well as on paper.

The level of illusion was high, until suddenly, they tell me that with the excuse of taking care of the planet, we are no longer going to receive certain accessories on the iPhone. Why? It is a decision that I do not know if it is really correct.

The anger came when Apple decided not to include certain accessories. I do not see it.


Suddenly, people begin to talk about the need to take care of the planet and that Apple is a company that respects the environment and develops numerous activities to achieve that end. I love it because my ideas are also essentially the same. I love Apple for this.

But my face becomes hard, with a tight face because he tells me that he eliminates the EarPods and the wall charger for the environment. No man no. If that were so, you would not have finally included it in France. You don’t do it for that. You do it to save costs, even if it’s $ 1 per iPhone. If you multiply by all the sales, a lot of money comes out.

Don’t sell me the bike, Apple. If you really made this decision for the environment, your devices could be charged with any wall socket and it is not. If you really did it for planet Earth, you would have accepted the European regulation of the single charger for all devices.

It makes me angry that we believe that we all have to go through the hoop of everything you say or sell. We go through the prices, because we take for granted that in Apple it is normal to pay more (which should not be the case), we go through the sealing of iOS, iPadOS …but we do not pass because you take us for delusions.

What about the MegaSafe?

Do we really have to applaud a charger you already have made for the Apple Watch? Couldn’t you have included the same technology in the iPhone as in the Samsung?

If I had a Samsung I could use it as an external battery for other devices. But not at Apple. We have to carry a separate device that is pasted on the back of the iPhone.

You don’t sell me the wall charger but you “force” me to buy the MegaSafe for the iPhone. Really, you don’t need to do these things. You don’t need to force people to spend money. You don’t need any more money. You need more innovation and imagination.

From illusion to anger. To an anger that from time to time I get and I end up doing something silly, such as buying a Samsung Note and remember that there is life beyond Apple. If it weren’t for the Apple Watch …