AirTag keychain

We have been talking about Apple AirTags and its more than possible presentation for this year. In this case, an image is shown at the top in which a kind of ring in the form of a keychain appears that could easily be an accessory for the keys.

Today can be without a doubt the day of its launch and is that all bets add the AirTags as one of the devices that we will see today together with the new Macs with Apple Silicon. Apple has in its hand to launch this device or not and it is possible that it will finally end up simply due to the evolution of rumors and leaks.

AirTag patent

The tweet from the account “Choco_bit” shows this keychain that is similar to an Apple patent and that could be a reality in the next few hours, we will see what happens.

What we are clear about is that these AirTags have been rumored for a long time and that today we have one more chance to see if they are presented or not. Remember that this type of device connects via Bluetooth to our iPhone and allows us to find it while it is within the range of action of this community. For keys, a wallet, backpack, bag, etc., it can be very useful, but we are not facing a mass product either since it is designed for a specific type of user.

We will see what Apple finally does with them, if they present them today or they wait for another event in 2021 that is not that far either. What we will see today are the new Macs with A14 processors, we are looking forward to it!