Zagg has introduced two new keyboards for iPad

The iPad has become in many households the main device when it comes to using social networks, office automation at the user level or when you want to consume any type of multimedia content. If this is your case, maybe you have ever missed a physical keyboard. And the options that Apple offers are out of budget. Don’t worry because Zagg has introduced two new keyboards for the iPad and a Pro stylus.

It is true that apple keyboardsBoth the Magic Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard Folio or the Smart Keyboard are small works of engineering that offer the quality to which Apple has accustomed us. But it is also true that prices can be prohibitive.

The Zagg Pro Keys is a high-quality keyboard case that costs $ 99.99

That is why there are many brands that market iPad compatible accessories with great value for money. And this is the case that we bring today to iOSMac. Zagg Brands are a group of brands, among which are Braven, Ifrogz or Gear4, specialized in accessories and new technologies with a long history worldwide and a high quality of production.

The first keyboard that they have presented is compatible with the 10.2-inch iPad and the iPad Air 4. At the moment it is not available on the web in Spanish but we hope that we can acquire it soon. It is the Zagg Pro Keys and is priced at $ 99.99.

Is a folio keyboard and case combination with drop protection and magnetic closure. The iPad has two different angles to position itself. In addition, the keyboard is backlit and is charged via usb-c once a year, all depending on how we use it. The case has a dedicated space for the Apple Pencil that retains the charging function.

The other keyboard that the accessories company has presented is the Zagg Messenger Folio 2. As in the previous case, it is not currently available on the Spanish website. But we have seen that it is a compact keyboard compatible with the 10.2-inch iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad and iPad Air 3.

The Zagg Messenger Folio 2 is a very compact keyboard that protects our iPad and improves productivity

Unlike the previous model that was attached to the iPad magnetically, this keyboard does through anchors at the top and has only one viewing angle. What it does share with the Zagg Pro Keys is the long-lasting, usb-c rechargeable battery. It is priced at $ 59.99.

But they have not only introduced two new keyboards for the iPad. They have also released the Zagg Pro Stylus, a stylus If you can buy in Spain for € 79.99. Charging is done via usb-c, lasts for approximately eight hours and has an exclusive technology for easy pairing.

Further the Zagg Pro Stylus is able to recognize tilt while in use, allowing different types of strokes to be made, for example, and thanks to iPadOS the pressure of the palm of the hand on the screen is canceled.

So if you have an iPad and need a keyboard, case and stylus You can visit the Zagg website and choose the model that best suits your needs.