Apple tv

It seems that third-generation Apple TV users will see the YouTube app stop working next month. Yes, it seems that this app according to the 9To5Mac medium will no longer be available and can only be viewed through AirPlay.

In this way, the only option that users will have to view YouTube content through the device will be accessing videos on another device either from an iPhone, a Mac or an iPad in order to view the content on the Apple TV.

The Apple TV HD -which would be the fourth generation- and the Apple TV launched last year 2017 with 4K resolution will not be affected for this measure and they will be able to continue accessing the YouTube application without any problem.

It seems that the main reason why this YouTube application will no longer be available is due to legal issues. Older Apple TVs relied on temporary agreements signed by Apple itself and video app providers / developers for application support on Apple TVs. This is taking its toll right now and that is why it is necessary to remove the apps from these devices. The most current so-called smart TVs, most of them already have these integrated apps or they can even be installed, so in principle it is a measure that affects those who do not have a smart TV or have not changed Apple TV model in years.