You can now enjoy Google Stadia on iOS thanks to Safari

As shared 9to5Google in mid-November, it is now possible to play Google Stadia games on devices such as the iPhone and iPad thanks to Safari. It has taken a lot of work due to Apple’s strict policy of not playing other video game services within its ecosystem. Despite that, other solutions like Stadium were blocked from the App Store. After a long time, We will teach you how to enter Google Stadia on iOS.

iOS 14.3 made it possible to play Google Stadia titles

While it is true that the native app is the best way to use Google Stadia, In iOS there is the limitation that other third-party services intercede in the App Store. According to Apple’s policy, each game must appear in its digital store, that is, the App Store. Although it has already been confirmed that xCloud will be compatible with iOS devices, Google’s service could take a bit longer than expected as we don’t think having a presence on iOS devices is their top priority.Stadia on an iPhone

Meanwhile, it is now possible to enter to to play the video games available on the platform, although the app will not work as the native version would. The page works and is the same standard that can be seen in desktop versions for Mac.

If you want to have the Google service page as one more app on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Enter the address
  3. Sign in with your Google Stadia account
  4. Add the shortcut to the home screen by clicking on the Share icon and confirming the action «Add to Home».

An experience worth trying

The website supports Bluetooth remote controls, on-screen controls, or the dedicated Stadia controller itself. In the first hours some failures in access were reported through iOS devices. It is suggested to use the following link if the original link to Google Stadia is faulty.Dedicated Google Stadia control

The latest report from 9to5Google indicates that it is now possible to access the Google video game service without any inconvenience by running the latest version of iOS 14.3 using Safari. Be careful, remember that another browser will not be compatible other than Safari. Do you already have an account? Don’t wait any longer to try a new video game experience from your iPhone or iPad.