With the M1 processor comes 6k support in the new Macs

Apple’s newly released M1 processor has proven, at least for now on paper, that it is a true beast in performance, speed and stability. It gives computers that own it a new life that users will appreciate, especially in performance. In addition, for the first time, there is a 6K backup on displays connected to theseAt the moment two models with Apple Silicon.

MacBook Pro 13 ”and Mac mini with the M1 processor have the support to endure 6k quality

16 MacBook Pro and new 6K monitors

Until last November 10 and well if we are strict, even today, the maximum screen quality that Mac can achieve is the 5K that the two models of Mac mini and MacBook Pro of 13 ”with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. As of November 17, things will change.

We are talking about the 17th, which is when the new models mentioned above will begin to be received with the new M1 processor and that they will be able to grant the possibility of achieve 6K quality with some displays, including Apple Pro Display XDR.

Little by little Apple will adapt the other Mac models to achieve that quality. This is because the Californian company will adapt the M1 processor to the other Mac models. It is the intention since in June, Tim Cook mentioned the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon. I am looking forward to seeing the Mac Pro with the M1.

In daily life, having the possibility of reaching these levels of quality is of little consequence, because right now that we know, only YouTube is capable of reproducing at that level. TV shows don’t even reach 2K. However, it can be useful when reproducing images that need a lot of detail. This 6K will give us that excellent quality that is sometimes needed.