Wi-Fi Explorer Pro updates to macOS Big Sur

Can you imagine life without Wi-Fi? Most of the people could not be without this technology that allows us to be connected at high speeds and safely. When it does not go well, it seems that it is the biggest problem, so it is almost essential to have a tool with which we can control the network to the maximum of our possibilities. Those possibilities increase when it comes to the WiFi Explorer Pro 3 program that also now has cmacOS Big Sur Apple Silicon compatibility.

Not too long ago the new Macs with Apple Silicon and macOS Big Sur were released. Developers are putting the batteries to adapt their applications and programs to the new processor and operating system. Some for now, it seems that they have it complicated, but usually the subject goes from strength to strength. Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3 has been one of those that joins the list of new applications compatible with the new generation at Apple.

One of the main features of this version 3 are the custom column profiles. This feature will allow you to create and display different sets of columns suitable for specific troubleshooting tasks and situations. We also have the ability to compare two different networks together and this allows us to compare field by field to see the differences between the two.

There are more news this new version of Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3:

  • Add columns with more than 550 fields available. Fix them and rename them.
  • View information about associated clients.
  • Find and display information about proximity beacons.
  • Organization options and additional filters.

The new version it’s a paid upgrade, But if you bought WiFi Explorer Pro after July 1, 2020, it can be upgraded to WiFi Explorer Pro 3 for free. If you bought it before, you can opt for a 30% discount.

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