Why is the M1 chip so fast? Developer Erik Engheim explains

After several weeks of the official presentation of the first Mac with its own ARM chip, much has been said about its power and the incredible performance it offers when running apps. In single-core CPU benchmarks it outperforms all previous Macs and some Macs with Intel processors in multicore scores. What’s behind Apple’s M1 chip?

The secret of the M1 chip goes beyond being one of the smallest on the market

It is not a simple CPU, it is a series of chips that are housed in what is known as Apple Silicon. The so-called “System-on-a-Chip” contains an 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU (7-core on the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Air), SSD storage, unified memory, and more.

Apple competes with Intel and AMD from now on with the development of its own chips, the difference is that those of Cupertino develops specialized chips for specialized tasks. So it is very likely that different chips will be developed for the wide variety of Mac computers, from the iMac to the iMac Pro, a probable Mac Pro and improve the existing ones in a next generation.

Apple's M1 chip the fastest according to a review
Apple’s M1 chip the fastest according to a review

As in dedicated chips for iPhones and iPads, Apple Silicon chips they contain a neural engine for machine learning tasks. Tasks such as voice recognition, camera processing (sharper image), a video encoder to convert energy efficient video files, Secure Enclave that is related to system encryption, etc., go faster with the chip M1.

Unification simplifies all processes around the chip

Erik Engheim explains that the unified architecture of elements between the CPU, GPU, and each other makes exchanging information easy. If they need to access unified memory or other items simultaneously, it is no longer a task of copying data between “far away” areas. They are within the same group and therefore information sharing makes performance exceptional and unique.M1 chip performance

This is part of the reason why many characters who work on editing images and videos with the Mac M1 are seeing improvements in speed (…). That’s what allows a cheap Mac mini M1 to encode a large video file, without breaking a sweat, while an expensive iMac has all the fans on full blast (…).

AMD is focusing on the development of specialized chips, however, Selling General Purpose Equipment and Licensing is Difficult Than Other PC Manufacturers as Dell and HP cannot design a complete SoC as Apple has done with its M1. There are different manufacturers that have different characteristics between each of their teams, the competition today is quite extensive.

Finally, Apple has made some specific optimizations in the M1 chips in which you can have more knowledge in the article where Engheim explains it. The Cupertino guys have a big gold mine and this is probably a new start to Mac success. It was believed that with iPadOS, iPads would take a big advantage over the personal computer but with Apple Silicon, several users have considered going back to the Mac.M1 Apple Silicon chip

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