WhatsApp introduces a new storage management panel

The most popular instant messaging application is renewed. And we are not talking about a more beautiful design or great innovations, but about a very simple function that will be really useful for most of the users. In the last hours, WhatsApp finally presented a new storage management panel, through which we can free up space more quickly on our devices.

The story smiled at WhatsApp and made its service the king of kings of instant messaging. They saw the light, they were the first, or by pure chance, but there is practically no person who can escape the green icon. Interestingly, the application that provides access to this service has always been the last in terms of news and the first in terms of criticism. But there we all continue, the “theory of the full bar” they say.

WhatsApp presents a new storage management panel …

Well, the company has released its latest update and the icing on the cake will be precisely a function that should have been there from the beginning. It is (as simple as it is necessary) a new storage management center.

Better late than never. For which we celebrate the step WhatsApp has (finally) taken. Is that, until today, in the “Settings” we found the “Data and Storage” menu and, within it, with the “Storage use” button. We thus arrived at a list of conversations, ordered according to their “weight”, which, when selected individually, allowed us to free up the space they occupied in the memory of the device. But there were no group functions, which made the work very tedious.

With the new update, storage management will be easier …

Well, with the new update, storage management will be easier. In the first place, we will find a graph (similar to the one present in iOS) that will show us, on the one hand, the space used by WhatsApp, and on the other, the space used by the rest of the applications (also the “free” space ). It will also offer quick filters, with the largest files and the most “forwarded”.

In short, it is a very simple but also very necessary advance. With increasingly heavy files, with increasingly extensive conversations (even more in quarantine), it becomes logical that the devices are short of storage. Therefore, having quick buttons makes us more productive or, at least, they make us waste less time managing storage.