WaterField Designs the third-party AirPods Max case

Much has been said about the AirPods Max case that includes Apple, one of its main qualities is to put the headphones in an ultra-low power mode and not consume battery, on the other hand the protection leaves much to be desired. However, the lack of functionality is an opportunity for third parties. Today, WaterField Designs announces a new AirPods Max case which will also put the headphones on low power mode.

WaterField cases are quite sturdy and are even a user favorite for most of 2020.

“When Apple introduced the AirPods Max, our community clamored for a new case,” said WaterField Designs owner Gary Waterfield. “So we surveyed more than 1,200 Apple enthusiasts to understand their needs, and then incorporated their feedback into our design. They requested a compact, protective, professional-looking case capable of carrying some accessories. They were evenly split on the Apple Smart Case; One field wanted a case that would encompass the Apple Smart Case, while the other wanted a case that would completely replace it and put the earbuds in low-power mode. It was an exciting challenge to create a protection that benefits both camps and also addresses their other wishes. ”

There are plenty of cheap protections on the market these days, but the WaterField Designs box is truly the protection that can help protect Apple’s big AirPods Max investment. The case features a leather magnetic butterfly inside that will activate low power mode when the AirPods Max is inside the case on the inside. If you want to use the Apple case, the butterfly will lie flat.

There is also a stretch mesh pocket with a leather closure that can fit an Apple 5W to 20W power adapter and charging and headphone cables, so you can store everything you need for your AirPods Max right inside. .

The case comes in black, blue or crimson, and it also includes a double zipper so you can charge the AirPods Max while keeping it closed. Of course, it contains a plush lining inside that is said to be as soft as a puppy’s ear to keep your AirPods Max looking like new.

The WaterField Design AirPod Max Case is available for Reserve for $ 99, with first batch shipping on December 31st, so if you’re interested, be sure to buy it quickly.