Video: Curious conversion – 1997 Toshiba to Hackintosh (with Apple Rhapsody OS)

The former notebook pioneer Toshiba has long since left the market – and hardly anyone speaks of Apple’s Rhapsody OS either. Reason enough for a hobbyist to unite two worlds and create a Hackintosh based on the tiny Toshiba Libretto sub-notebook and the old Apple system. Rhapsody is the ancestor of Mac OS X, demonstrated for the first time at the MacWorld Expo in January 1997. The idea was to combine parts of the Copland development with the NeXT operating system. The project already consisted of a UNIX substructure, whereas the interface was based on Mac OS 8. Rhapsody should run on both X86 and PowerPC computers, System 8 could be run in a “blue box”. Apple took a different path than originally planned, because Rhapsody did not come onto the market as a kind of bridging system. Instead, Apple put all its energy into Mac OS X and also dropped its Intel support.