A new version of the Mactracker application is available for download. In this case this is version 7.10.2 and in it, in addition to correcting some errors detected in the previous version, the new Apple AirPods Max and the latest changes in the different operating systems are added.

The app was updated at the beginning of this month with the arrival of the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini with M processors1. Since then we saw another update in which the icon was also adapted to the design of macOS Big Sur and now again a new version appears with the AirPods Max and other improvements.

This is a great apple encyclopedia in app form which we recommend to all lovers of Apple products, and is that it contains each and every one of the products they have launched from Cupertino.

Obviously, it is not the first time that we talk about this application on I am a Mac, and it is that it is gradually updated with all the new Mac models and different software and news released by Apple. MacTracker gives us a plus when we want know all the information about a device, operating system or general information of Apple.

We can find an identifying number of a specific model, the date it was launched on the market, all the hardware components that it added or even its initial price when it was put on sale. It is certainly about a fully recommended app to know all the details of any Apple device or OS.

Mactracker (AppStore Link)


Ian Page