Use Outlook for Mac like a pro with these keyboard shortcuts

When it comes to sending and receiving emails on Mac, although it is true that there is the official Apple Mail application, the truth is that it sometimes falls short, especially in business environments. That is why many users decide to use an alternative, and Outlook is usually present among them, Microsoft’s own email tool.

In this case, Outlook is not a free program, as could be the case with others such as Thunderbird, but it is present in the company’s own Office suite, in such a way that all Microsoft 365 subscribers have it . This has great advantages, such as its powerful updates, but to get the most out of it, try its keyboard shortcuts, which allow to speed up some processes much more.

These are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook on macOS

As we mentioned, in this case Microsoft has designed multitude of keyboard shortcuts that can be very useful for Mac users. They are quite a few and all of them can be known in Microsoft’s website, but in this article we would like to highlight some of the most useful when working with this program.


In order to make it a little easier to find the right one, we have divided the keyboard shortcuts in question into categories, in such a way that You only have to locate the one that best suits your needs and memorize it to perform this task in a faster and more efficient way.

Email view and Outlook window

  • Displays the following message: Control + Right Bracket (])
  • Displays the above message: Control + Left Bracket ([)[)
  • Show mail view: Command + 1
  • Show the following mail view pane: Shift + Control + Right parenthesis
  • Show the previous pane of the mail view: Shift + Control + Left parenthesis
  • Show Calendar View: Command + 2
  • Show Contacts View: Command + 3
  • Show Tasks view: Command + 4
  • Show Notes View: Command + 5
  • Open Outlook preferences: Command + Comma (,)
  • Advance through open windows: Command + Tilde (~)
  • Go back through open windows: Shift + Command + Tilde
  • Close the current active window: Command + W
  • Start the dictation: Fn + Fn
  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Minimize or expand the ribbon: Option + Command + R
  • Hide Outlook: Command + H
  • Close Outlook: Command + Q

Actions on emails

  • Create a new email: Command + N
  • Create a new folder: Shift + Command + N
  • Open the email in a new window: Command + O (uppercase letter “o”)
  • Send the email: Command + Return
  • Reply to the email: Command + R
  • Answer all: Shift + Command + R
  • Resend the email: Command + J
  • Send all emails from outbox: Shift + Command + K
  • Send and receive all emails: Control + Command + K
  • Mark as trash: Command + Shift + J
  • Mark as not junk: Command + Shift + Option + J
  • Move the email to a folder: Shift + Command + M
  • Copy the email to a folder: Shift + Command + C
  • Save the email to the drafts folder: Command + S
  • Print the email: Command + P
  • Open the spelling and grammar control: Command + Colon (:)
  • Mark selected emails as read: Command + T
  • Mark selected emails as unread: Shift + Command + T
  • Archive the email: Control + E
  • Delete the email: Delete
  • Permanently delete email: Shift + Delete
  • Delete the email and close it: Command + Delete

Flag emails

  • Today as the expiration date: Control + 1
  • Tomorrow as due date: Control + 2
  • This week as due date: Control + 3
  • Next week as due date: Control + 4
  • No expiration date: Control + 5
  • A custom due date: Control + 6
  • Remove the mark: Option + Command + Apostrophe (‘)

Edit and write emails

  • Cut the text: Command + X
  • Copy the text: Command + C
  • Paste the text: Command + V
  • Paste and match style: Shift + Option + Command + V
  • Make the text bold: Command + B
  • Italicize text: Command + I (uppercase letter “i”)
  • Make the text underlined: Command + U
  • Cross out the text: Shift + Command + X
  • Insert an emoji: Control + Command + Spacebar
  • Insert a link: Command + K
  • Insert a tab stop: Tab
  • Increase the indent: Command + Right Bracket (})
  • Decrease the indent: Command + Left Brace ({)
  • Undo: Command + Z
  • Redo: Command + Y