Use iPhone as your Mac’s camera

I recently started doing internet interviews (you will have news soon) using my brand new 2020 MacBook Air (yes, the one that is apparently about to be outdated by the newer ARM architecture Macs), but I have found that the iSight camera that the computer incorporates is absolutely deplorable (and I am not the only one who has noticed it). It seems that it is a generic evil in the last generations of Apple computers, which, with the global confinement, has been absolutely in evidence.

My first solution was to buy one webcam via Amazon, for a modest € 20. The camera is good enough and it worked, as you might expect, plugging in and ready.

Using your computer’s camera or using your iPhone’s camera can make a big difference in your video conferences

Its big problem is that it does not have the fixed objective, but allows to focus manually. That, which is apparently an advantage, when it comes to distances as limited as the one that separates the computer screen from a server, makes it extremely difficult to precisely adjust when you are focused and when you have already passed.

On the other hand, as soon as you move a little, forward or backward, you run the risk of being out of focus again. So a use case where too many options is worse for the user.

Conversing with the gathering (patience, you know …) came the possibility of using the iPhone (or iPad) as a webcam for the Mac, knowing that the phone’s camera -even the front one- is infinitely better than the MacBook Air, and therefore Of course, the one that came from Amazon.

There was already the possibility of connecting the iPhone directly to the computer so that QuickTime would recognize it, but sometimes you don’t want to see everything that the camera can capture (you understand me).

NeuralCam Live

NeuralCam Live configuration is very simple: download the app from the App Store for Mac. In the very process of configuring the App, it allows you to AirDrop the complement so that the computer and the phone are “understood”.

You just have to connect the iPhone (or iPad) to the computer using its USB charging cable, and select the desired program (QuickTime, Zoom, Skype) on the Mac, the iPhone as a camera.

Boom! Suddenly you will look like in Hyperreality!

The program offers several options, such as blurring the background, creating a “light bubble”, that is, putting a white halo around your head to hide the surroundings, and automatic blur if you touch your face (in case you sneeze or cough) or if someone passes behind.

You can subscribe to remove the watermark and get some extra utilities (such as low light mode) and filters for a modest € 32.99 per year, although if you are going to use it as a webcam it is not especially necessary.

Once you have the phone connected to the computer, you can also record the iPhone screen from the computer, if you want to do some kind of tutorial or explanation.

Record a part of the Mac screen with QuickTime