Macs with M1

It seems that one of the least liked features of the new Mac with Apple Silicon, is its ability to add external displays. It seems that only one can be added. However, it has become clear that this is not the case and that, in addition, the power of the new processor makes the new Mac with M1 true champions in power. Up to six external displays they have been able to connect at the same time with good results.

The fact of being able to add up to six external displays at the same time to the new Macs with M1 and Apple Silicon has arisen from the idea from Youtuber Ruslan Tulupov. It has managed to make the Mac mini capable of up to 6 displays and the MacBook Air with up to 5 displays. All this has been achieved thanks to the DisplayLink program for macOS. The Youtuber claims that it works fine with macOS Big Sur. We will also have to choose a 4K DisplayPort to USB 3.0 adapter and / or HDMI adapter.

Logically, so that we can add such a number of screens to our new computers with M1, we must buy or have on hand a USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter, a Thunderbolt base or a USB-C. The cables are not missing and we will need a few. Ruslan Tulupov has made a tutorial that he has uploaded to his YouTube page. Both the Mac mini M1 and the MacBook Air that it tested performed “amazingly” overall under a heavy load of YouTube video playback and the highest resolution available and even using Final Cut Pro.

He actually mentions at one point that the Mac mini didn’t even have to turn on the fans at the time of testing, when it had six displays connected at once. It is true that not all were running 4K. Still it is worth seeing and verifying how Apple have done an excellent job with this new processor.