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Apple has always been known for advertising itself to the world, not only as a company that manufactures what are probably the best technological devices in the world in its category, but also for being a company committed to privacy and the environment. The company’s policies to respect the earth are very extensive and it has always been considered a green company. But nevertheless UK doesn’t see it that way and accuses the company of generating unjustified waste.

The UK Government Environmental Audit Committee claims Apple, with its policy of making devices that are virtually impossible to repair. Therefore, it is responsible for creating a situation in which waste is generated in an unjustified manner. It concludes that Apple and other equivalent companies should be required to be more responsible with e-waste. It so happens that Apple refused to contribute to the investigation. It is accused of making its products so expensive to repair that consumers end up buying new devices.

In the report issued can be read statements such as the following:

Tech companies like Apple have been found to glue and solder internal components, making any repair nearly impossible. Consumers have no control over the products they own. They cannot remove components to repair themselves and cannot access manuals on how to fix problems. Apple’s proposed repair can be so expensive that it is cheaper to replace the entire item.

We have recently discussed here that It’s easier to buy a new HomePod mini than to repair it. That it is almost mandatory to get the Apple Care +. This organism should not go very badly when expressing itself in this way, however, it must be said that the consumer knows very well where they are getting when they choose Apple.

The controversy is served.