TSMC signs with Apple its first order of chips with 3nm technology


This technology is a non-stop. We are almost not yet testing the M1 processors made by TSMC with 5nm technology, and Apple has already closed a contract with that manufacturer for new 3nm chips. We will see them in the M series for the Apple Silicon, and maybe some iPads, and the A series for future iPhones and lower-end iPads.

But it will still take us to see them mounted on a device. The development phase is now starting, so they probably won’t be ready to go into production until end of 2021 or already entered 2022. patience. For now, let’s enjoy the current ones.

A report published by UDN explains that Apple is the first vendor to hire TSMC to provide you chips using 3nm technology. They will be for future M-series processors for Mac and iPad, as well as A-series chips for iPhone.

TSMC plans to complete the certification and test production of 3 nm next year, and mass production in 2022. Apple has taken the lead by closing the deal, enabling TSMC’s advanced 3nm manufacturing process. It turns to Apple, to the detriment of Samsung.

This report could indicate that Apple is planning to introduce evolutions of its successful M1 on some high-end iPads (iPads Pro) with this new 3nm technology. presumably, then, that it will leave the future 3nm chips. of the A series for the iPhones range, and presumably the cheapest iPad models.

In this way, iPads Pro They would once again be a premium product well above the standard range of the iPad, by mounting an M series processor, recently released in the Apple Silicon. Currently, the new range of iPad Air, outperforms the iPad Pro, and this Apple should solve it soon.