Already announced that Apple’s largest chip supplier, TSMC was in a position to introduce the new 3nm chips in 2022. Now, the latest news confirms that indeed production can now start of the same to have them physically on the promised dates. According to the latest reports, the company will be able to process 30,000 panels built with the most advanced technology.

The new 3nm chip yield 30 percent more and furthermore its energy consumption can be set to 15 percent less. In addition to the improved performance in the process. All this compared to the 5nm chip. TSMC plans to expand its processing capacity from 3nm to 55,000 units per month in 2022. Mainly thanks to the commitment of the order placed by Apple. It will further expand production in 2023, to a total of 105,000 units.

But your business will not stay only in the new 3nm, TSMC plans to expand its 5nm process manufacturing capacity throughout the year to meet the growing demands of its main customers. The company will grow to 105,000 monthly panels in the first half of 2021, up from 90,000 units in the fourth quarter of last year. The company will reach 160,000 units per month by 2024. Because it is not only fed by Apple. There are other major customers that use the 5nm manufacturing process: AMD, MediaTek, Xilinx, Marvell, Broadcom, and Qualcomm.

In addition, Apple still needs the 5nm chips, and therefore the orders remain the same in number. Especially since they are needed for the M1 processor and the iPad Air. In the future the new 3nm will be used for a possible A17 chip and potentially for other future ‌Apple Silicon Macs.