TrendForce: Apple’s market share of the M1 notebooks – and other manufacturers

The new M1 Macs haven’t been around for long, as Apple didn’t start selling the devices until November. Current data from TrendForce according to the prevalence is therefore still relatively low. If you look at the largest notebook manufacturers in 2020, the M1 variants of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro still show up with a market share of 0.8 percent. For the coming year, however, TrendForce anticipates significantly higher values ​​and assumes around 7 percent. Without mentioning the values ​​of the previous year, this is referred to as an increase. For comparison: All notebooks equipped with AMD processors are forecast to reach an estimated 20 percent in the course of 2021. Conversely, you can see how much Intel has had to give up in recent years. The “Zen +” architecture meant solid growth for AMD, because in 2019 Intel’s direct competitor was still 11.4 percent.