TikTok is updated to iOS 14 adding the Widgets to the home screen

TikTok, that fashion application where we can see all the “influencers” and aspiring to be demonstrating their skills in dancing, eating, drinking … etc. Even the FC Barcelona players have made a challenge through this platform. TikTok is updated to iOS 14 and incorporates the widgets and more.

TikTok is already compatible with iOS 14 and these are all its news

With the arrival of iOS 14, Apple environment applications have been updated little by little to incorporate the new features of this new operating system. TikTok was not going to be less and it has just been updated to accommodate this new version.

Aunqye TikTok has already been proven not to be the most secure app in the world, has had a strong impact on the environment of the youngest (More veterans are joining every day). Of course it has been normal for a couple of years. Everything that is to earn a living through social networks … anyway.

The new update stands out for the support for widgets on the iOS 14 home screen. There are three different TikTok widgets that you can choose from. This allows quick access to trending videos and sounds from the home screen.

The smallest in size us shows the trend sound. We can Tap on the widget to jump directly to the trending content page in the TikTok app.

TikTok is updated to iOS 14

The medium sized widget displays the same information about trending content, along with four small icons that serve as previews of the associated videos.

Lastly, the largest TikTok widget displays trending content along with three larger video previews.

Things get easier thanks to iOS 14 in the fashion app. We will no longer have to search all the videos, but just by looking at the widgets, we already know what we have to do to be a trend.