Things that I liked and things that I did not of the new Macs with M1 (opinion).

We finally have with us the new Macs with M1 promised months ago by Tim Cook himself. New computers with new processors that will break with years of ties with Intel and its graphics. This change has brought good impressions on the new computers but we have also had to see some drawbacks. Let’s see, in my opinion that is the best and the not so good of these machines.

Macs with M1s are beasts of processing and speed

Apple's M1 chip the fastest according to a review

On the 10th, at the event that Apple offered and in which the new M1 or Apple Silicon processors were offered to the world, we realized how good these new processors are and how well Apple does things when it wants and has an interest in it.

One More Thing. It is a reality, we have new processors and Macs no longer depend on Intel. But it is a half truth. It’s something else but not as expected. At least not in everything. But it has excellent qualities.

The processing is brutal. It is capable of offering operations per second up to three times faster than previous models. Graphics processing is up to five times faster. So we could go on with a very long list.

At least on paper, the processors are true prodigies. We will have to wait a little longer to determine its true power. But of course I am fervently happy that Apple has taken the step that together with macOS Big Sur, will undoubtedly be a revolution.

Now, what has most caught my attention and what is undoubtedly an impressive blow to the competition, is the battery performance on new Macs. We are talking that in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it can be in operation for no more and no less than 20 hours.

It is an authentic past with which we can do almost any job without worrying about looking for a charger. Computer performance will result in higher performance for your users. All an advantage now in these times that we are almost all working tele.

Lots of incredibly good news. There are also less good things to note.

Not everything is rosy with these M1 processors. Although they are really fast, reliable and stable, I have to say that there are things that I don’t like very much. Although it is normal, when the novelty is on the table. Drawbacks that should have been eliminated, but you have to break the rope somewhere, for the future to prosper.

One of the big drawbacks is that external eGPUs will no longer work with these new processors. Apple is playing a lot, it is a risky bet. You are telling the world that they are no longer needed, that all the necessary power will come from the M1 processor.

MacBook Pro 13 inch m1 chip

Many used these graphics to give extra power to their computers on certain occasions and for very risky and complex jobs. We will see if the same can now be done with less.

Another thing that I liked little, en why is the RAM limited to 8GB on the 13-inch MacBook Pro? If we choose the Intel version, we can go up to 16GB. Apple’s relationship to RAM capacity is something of a detailed study indeed. Imagine if with the capacity of the M1 we add a memory of 16 or 32 GB. We would have a miniature and portable Mac Pro. What does Apple want? If what you want is that people who want a Pro cannot afford it, you have achieved it.

I am not going to enter into discussions about the non-existence of external modifications in computers, which is something that it personally drives me crazy. The truth is that they could have used this occasion to be able to launch the new go to the market for real. Chord with a Mac with M1. But no, they leave that for later, when they have done business with these first versions.

After all, it’s all about money. Apple is a company, it is due to its users and its shareholders. They always seek a balance and it is almost always achieved. Let’s wait for those reports and tests of new Macs with M1.