These are the new Vica covers for your MacBook and iPhone

The Spanish firm Vica has a fairly wide product catalog as accessories for Apple. Without a doubt, this company is making a gap among the large number of companies that are dedicated to accessories for mobile devices and computers. To get this hole you need to do different things and that is why in Vica Designs they work hard in this regard.

To stand out and attract the attention of customers you have to do something different from the rest and the new collection of iPhone Roots cases together with the new felt sleeves for laptop and tablet, the truth is that they stand out from the rest.

The materials used by Vica Designs are sustainable and treated with ecological waxes

We cannot speak of differences with other brands if we do not focus on the manufacturing process itself and the materials used. In the case of the MacBook case that we have in various sizes, the materials used for its manufacture are 15 PET plastic bottles along with INESCOP certified vegan suede and leather.

The truth is that recycled materials are a very important part for this brand so they clearly bet on it. This also means a higher cost and maybe a higher sale price to the end user, but it really pays to spend a little more and be more careful with our planet.

Vica MacBook or Laptop Sleeve

In this case we will start with the MacBook case, which is as we say a piece made with totally recycled and environmentally friendly products. The measures offered by Vica for these covers are various and there are available for both a 12-inch MacBook and the larger 15- and 16-inch MacBook.

He blue color combined with the leather color of the outer part they are daring but match perfectly. On the inside we find a turned leather that makes our MacBook fully protected.

On the other hand, the magnetic closure on the upper part makes this case a perfect accessory to carry in your hand or inside a bag / backpack, nothing will enter or leave it. Our equipment will be protected thanks to the 3.5mm thick felt. We also find a small pocket on the inside of the cover to add papers or the like. On the outside there is not much space although it also has those two pockets.

MacBook sleeve comes at a price of 45 euros per unit.

Roots iPhone case. A unique case for your iPhone

In this case, the firm also let us test its iPhone cases. In this case, the Roots cases are available for the iPhone 6 onwards, that is, even the newest iPhone 12 released by Apple. They have all these models available and thus cover the demand for cases for users who do not carry the latest Apple models.

The peculiarity of this Vica Roots case is that it is unique. Yes, the covers of this particular model are distinguished from the rest because they are unique covers and each one of them carries a serial number along with a certificate of authenticity that makes them unique. The manufacturing process of these iPhone cases makes them exclusive pieces and no two are alike on the market.

They are made with root wood and resin in a completely handmade way. The materials used are roots and knots of trees in addition each of the covers is assembled by hand as explained by the company itself. The design will be unique for each case and there are various colors and designs available in the online store. The interior of these is made of cork so that it absorbs the maximum impacts and that our iPhone is protected against possible falls.

The price of this cover is 40 euros per unit.