M1 chip

This is one of those articles that one writes in a personal and sincere way possible, with an opinion based on time and experience with Apple products. My journey with Apple It started in 2008 with an iPod and Apple’s “poison” hit me when in 2010 I got my first iPhone, the iPhone 4.

At that moment I didn’t even think about what would come year after year with new models of iPhone, iPad, Mac … Yes, like many of you the start was slow but the ball grew to high levels where it is no longer possible to leave the ecosystem.

Macs were expensive, powerful, and spectacular but expensive

Like most, the financial outlay involved in buying a Mac was not to my liking, so this year 2020 I think Apple hit the spot. And it is that beyond the power, beyond the design and beyond that everyone (or almost everyone) likes Macs and the rest of Apple products, price is key to launching the purchase of any computer and the new equipment is precisely quite affordable.

This year will be the year of the Macs For various reasons and the main one is that the price drop of these thanks to Apple’s new own processors, the M1, make anyone who was thinking of buying a Mac look at them, yes, without looking at the rest of the details or whether or not the software will be compatible – which in the end all software will be – and other details that the “geeks” look at or those who really need specific software to work.

In 2021 we are sure that Apple will gain thousands of users on Mac and this is being seen in the sales volume of the last quarter of the past and already buried year 2020. What awaits us this year are more Macs with these M1 processors and possibly more accessible prices so that success we can say is practically insured for Tim Cook and Apple.