Augmented reality Apple November event

Yesterday, Apple invited everyone to its new event that will take place on November 10. We already have the reminder on YouTube and the Web address from where you can see it live (us, because they will launch it delayed. Paradoxes). We also have Apple’s own website, from where the event will be broadcast and from where we can add a reminder. In addition, this website contains a surprise in the form of augmented reality.

That Apple places a lot of importance on augmented reality, is nothing new. Since the LiDAR scanner was launched On the iPad, we knew that the company wanted this new way of seeing our environment to become a new reality (I wish it had been like that and not that now we have a new reality due to the pandemic) and is giving it the importance it has and above all who wants.

This technology is already owned by the iPhone 12 and many users (especially from the Apple Insider platform) who already own this terminal have discovered or that is hidden on this website. An animation in the form of augmented reality which can be seen in all its splendor in the following video, sent by a Twitter user:

When they’re on the Apple event website, users can click the Apple logo to get augmented reality view on all devices. iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. In the latter we have to download the file and see the animation in Quick View. The large Apple logo runs through an animation reminding us of how a MacBook screen opens and closes. When it appears to be opened, the colors of the invitation radiate outward like a bright, glowing screen.

Some users report that are having trouble viewing them on iPad. However there is no impediment when using the iPhone.