The upcoming WWDC 2021 could once again be streamed online

With the world largely closed in June 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, Apple held its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference for the first time virtually, allowing developers from around the world to attend for free. This year everything seems that we will see a WWDC 2021 with the same format.

Apple’s digital WWDC was a success, as the company offered online labs, developer sessions, and more, and the digital format continued through the rest of Apple’s 2020 events.

wwdc 2020 full transmission ahead

Not only Apple events have been affected

Before Apple canceled its WWDC 2020 in-person event and opted for a digital event, other major events were forced to cancel early, including E3, NAB, and others, giving us an insight into Apple’s plans. at that moment.

Although we currently have a vaccine, there does not seem to be a safe path that will lead us to an in-person event by June 2021. As The Verge points out, San Diego Comic Con, Anime Expo and E3 have decided not to organize physical events this year. Comic Con and Anime Expo are July events and often take place after WWDC, while E3 is a June event.

WWDC 2021 with a more accessible format online

For those hoping for things to get back to normal to allow for a traditional WWDC event, 2021 won’t be the year it happens, and Apple will likely go back to using the same digital format it used last year.

In many ways, Apple’s digital format is more accessible because no one has to pay $ 1,599 for a ticket or travel to San Jose, California for the event itself, so it’s quite possible that the digital format will somehow continue even in physical meetings as a possibility in the future.

It will probably be some time before we find out what official plans Apple has with its next WWDC. Apple announced in March last year that WWDC would be a digital-only event, but it is unclear if we will have the same advance notices this year. Last year’s WWDC information was released on May 5, so we could see a similar timeline this year.