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As the days go by, more and more applications are gradually being updated not only to be compatible with macOS Big Sur, but also with its new user interface and the Apple Silicon, Apple’s range of ARM processors whose first model has been dubbed the M1.

Twitter you have never been overly concerned with your macOS application, Like the one available for Windows, but it seems that that will change with the launch of the new version of macOS, since not only can we see a fantastic optimization to the new design, but also the operation and performance of the application.

If you regularly used the application in macOS Catalina, it is likely that it was a bit up to the nose of the bad optimization that the application showed. The little that I have had the opportunity to test it before writing this article, it shows a fairly solid and very well optimized application.

Another novelty that we find in this update is found in the new app icon, a squarer icon to match the rest of the native icons available in the Big Sur dock.

If you plan to renew your Mac soon and you are clear that one of the new Macs with the M1 processor is among your options, you must take into account the applications that have been optimized for this processor, Twitter being one of them so it will not be necessary make use of the Rosetta 2 emulator, Apple’s emulator that allows running applications on ARM processors that have been designed for x86 environments.

Twitter for Mac is available for your download completely free through the link that I leave at the end of this article.

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