Ted lasso

Comedies with something very relative that not everyone knows how to do well, however, it seems that since Apple are hitting the nail on the head in the different comedies that he has launched on his streaming video service, Ted Lasso being the most representative example, a series that has recently been renewed for a third season although the second has not yet been released.

Unlike other series, whose seasons are stretching like gum By virtue of the audience that they have in addition to the cost associated with their production (one of the main reasons for Netflix to cancel successful series) the creator of the series is clear about it and has announced that the fans of this series do not expect a fourth season , according to the media The Loop.

Bill Lawrence, creator of the Ted Lasso series, has made this announcement on the latest Scrubs podcast where asked if he was concerned about the success of the second season, in case the same could happen as with the second season of The Mandalorian, whose second season many claim that the first has been better included.

Lawrence responded by stating that the Ted Lasso series was created as a finite series and that everyone knows that the end of the story will come in the third season.

Jason Sudeikis, protagonist of this series, is aware that the series it will end in the third seasonalthough he will try to do everything possible to make him return if there were any conditions to create a fourth season.

The only way I think there is a fourth season of Ted Lasso would be if TL went and coached a soccer team that played a block from Jason’s house in real life, get me? He has young children.