Time Capsule

Apple is beginning to experience new lines of content to its users. You have just launched an AR (Augmented Reality) application to view additional content from the Apple TV + series «For all mankind«.

Of course, it is the only streaming video platform that has the necessary infrastructure to carry out these experiments, since both the audiovisual content, the necessary software and hardware are yours, and do not depend on anyone else. Let’s see what this application consists of.

Apple’s novel augmented reality experience applied to Apple TV + content has arrived in the form of the app. “For All Mankind: Time Capsule”. The iOS and iPadOS application is built using the framework ARKit from Apple and even includes exclusive experiences for the latest iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max that mount the LiDAR scanner.

“For All Mankind: Time Capsule” is set chronologically in the decade between the first and second seasons of the Apple TV + series “For All Humanity.” The application allows you to interact with virtual objects from a box of items placed in the real world through the lens of your iPhone or iPad. Use sound and music to enhance the story. Through experience, the world is seen from the perspective of a teenager, Danny Stevens, son of astronauts Tracy and Gordo Stevens in the series.

This application is already available in the US App Store. As it has a lot of audiovisual content, it has not yet been translated into other languages, but it will soon reach the App Store in other countries. Users with the latest iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max can experience additional in-app content that takes advantage of scanner features LiDAR that at the moment only mount these devices.