The second season of Mythic Quest premieres on May 7

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet New Trailer

As the months go by, Apple has announced the date of the next releases that will reach its streaming video platform. Last Friday the second season of For All Humanity was released, with the availability of the first episode. The second season of the Mythic Quest follow, already has a release date.

It will be next May 7, the date that Apple has announced in the presentation of the Association of Television Critics. The first season of this series focused on a video game studio developing an expansion for a massively multiplayer game, a series quite well received by both critics and the public.

The second season shows us the same scenario, the studio working on another expansion, we don’t know if for the same game or for a completely different one. Apple renewed this series for a second season before its premiere, as it happened with The Morning Show, with the third season of For all mankind Y Ted Lasso.

Like many other series, their premiere has been delayed due to the pandemic. This series had more problems than usual since several members of the filming team were infected by the coronavirus, which caused that the members did not want to go to the studios to continue recording despite the fact that the company assured that it was completely safe.

Mythic Quest: Feast of Crows, as it has been baptized in Spain, it counts as the main star Rob McElhenney (creator of the series Hanging in Philly 2005 to 2018), Charlotte Nicdao (has voiced several episodes of Adventure Time and has participated in the series The Strange Chroes, Content, Get Krack! N and David Hornsby. (Hanging in Philly, Welcome to the wayne, Good girls, The Goldbergs).