The revolutionary electric car is the Apple Car

Apple has repeatedly revolutionized the tech industry, think of the familiar Mac computers, the iPod music player, and of course the iPhone. The world’s first smartphone, which was launched in 2007. Meanwhile, Apple has been working in the background for quite some time on a completely new and different innovation; an autonomous electric car called the Apple Car. This vehicle may be the revolutionary electric car that everyone has been waiting for.

The revolutionary electric car is the Apple Car

The Apple Car has been in development since 2014, codenamed ‘Project Titan’. Although the American automaker has repeatedly faced setbacks that have slowed development, the Apple Car now appears to be taking more and more concrete forms in the meantime.

One of the most important features will be the revolutionary battery. By using a single cell design, in which the battery cells are charged separately, it should be possible to achieve a significantly greater range than in the case of current electric cars. An additional advantage is the cost of this battery, which would be much lower than current batteries.

Dutch designer Jermaine Smit, also known as Concept Creator , regularly create concepts for future smartphones. This time, however, Jermaine portrayed the revolutionary Apple Car, the 3D renders in this post and the video below were designed by him. The idea behind this concept car is that the driver and passengers have a relatively large view, which improves safety.

Apple Car development

In April 2017, Apple publicly announced for the first time that it looked into the future of autonomous vehicles. It was Apple CEO Tim Cook who indicated in an interview that Apple focuses on autonomous driving. “One of the focal points of autonomous driving is autonomous cars, which we consider the mother of all AI projects,” Tim Cook reported at the time.

This statement did not come entirely out of nowhere, because before then there were already rumors about an Apple iCar. Earlier that year, Apple received permission from the US state of California to drive an autonomous car on public roads. For those who are not familiar with the topography of the United States; Apple is based in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, which is located within the state of California.

Apple fans and car watchers saw several Lexus SUVs with extensive Apple software installation systems. Obviously this raised a lot of questions, which made Tim Cook feel compelled to spend a few words on this during the Bloomberg interview.

Initial work to get the revolutionary electric car

Meanwhile, Apple has taken over many of Tesla’s employees in order to acquire the knowledge necessary to develop electric and autonomous cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported in one of his interviews that it would involve roughly 1,000 employees, several hundred of whom have already been licensed. “If you can’t do it at Tesla, you can always work at Apple,” he said on the Internet some time before.

Since mid-2018, the mysterious Apple Car project has been led by Doug Field, in collaboration with hardware engineer Bob Mansfield. Field was already familiar with Apple, having helped develop Mac computers in the past. Then Field worked at Tesla for five years, where he was responsible for the engineering and production of several Tesla cars.

Last year it was announced that Apple acquired the startup, which also focuses on autonomous driving. Subsequently, he was silent for a long time around the development of Apple’s own car. However, the company applied for several patents and trademarks related to the automotive industry. Apple CarPlay was also further developed, it was also about new cooperation agreements with major car manufacturers, including the most popular car brands in Europe such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Kia, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Meanwhile, due to the many setbacks Apple has faced, the company would have considered focusing solely on software. For the hardware, the car itself, the company wants to partner with a reputable automaker. However, it seems impossible that Apple wants to give up this part.

The latest information about Apple Car

Earlier this week, new information about Apple iCar, Apple’s revolutionary electric car, emerged out of nowhere. Taiwanese media reported that Apple’s Taiwanese supply chain is busy processing the many orders that Apple has placed. While it was initially planned to have the Apple Car ready for production by 2024, the supply chain is currently preparing to launch the Apple Car in September next year, at least two years ahead of schedule.

However, a few hours later, Reuters published an online post stating that the autonomous Apple Car is still slated for production in 2024. It would be a passenger car, unlike its rival Waymo, part of Alphabet (the parent company of Google), which build robot taxis to transport passengers through an autonomous driving service.

After Doug Field took office in 2018, developments seem to be working at a very rapid pace. For example, Apple would have now designed a new battery that is cheaper to produce and probably also offers better range than the batteries currently used in electric vehicles. Optionally, it is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, which overheats less quickly and is therefore safer than other types of lithium ion batteries. Apple itself has yet to respond to new developments.

Which production partner will assemble Apple’s car is still unknown. Finally, developing and producing a car is very different from developing a Mac computer or an iPhone. Therefore, Apple would have sought cooperation with various external parties. Furthermore, the current pandemic appears to be causing a delay, which does not exclude the possibility that production may not start until 2025.

Apple Car technology. The revolutionary electric car

Naturally, the Apple car will have all the modern technologies that can also be found in current Apple products: think of seamless connectivity with the iPhone, but also the LiDAR (Light and Range Detection) sensor that made its appearance in various products Apple earlier this year. Products, such as the iPhone 12 Pro (Max) and the Apple iPad Pro 2020, will be found in the vehicle. Either in adapted form or not. Using a LiDAR scanner, a 3D image of the road can be obtained, Apple may want to use multiple LiDAR sensors to scan different distances, Reuters reported.

After the Mac, iPod and iPhone, the Apple Car should become the next revolutionary product from the American manufacturer. However, establishing a viable assembly plant will be challenging. After all, these are huge volumes, which won’t be easy for a newcomer like Apple to understand. Additionally, Apple is used to working with higher margins than most automakers use. As a result, Apple investors are not immediately satisfied with Project Titan. For example, Hal Eddins, chief economist at Capital Investment Counsel, an Apple shareholder, told Reuters: “I still don’t see why the auto market is interesting, but maybe Apple sees something that I don’t.”