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Do you like pinball? It is a classic game known by many users and that now returns to give life to an Apple Arcade title. In The Pinball Wizard you will have the opportunity to give life to a wizard, a sorcerer who will have the power to reach the top of a tower and save his own destiny. Many have tried but he will be the only one with the skills to do it. Will you be able to do it?

The Pinball Wizard rescues the essence of the original pinball mixed with diverse characters and settings based on a dungeon

The little wizard will be the conduit for you to play pinball in a dungeon-like setting. The fins or flippers will be active as in an original pinball machine. Each level is an area of ​​the tower, as you progress you will go up until you reach the top. There are 21 levels in which in the end you will have to defeat the big boss.The Pinball Wizard environment

There are also other game modes in which the dungeons are completely random and a more interesting one in which you have to spend as long as possible in a giant dungeon. What game mode would you like to try?

The game environment

From the Mac or the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you can operate the pinball fins to control the little magician who will act as the ball of the game. In this case, you will have to deal with characters disguised as blocks of ice, as well as barrels and other objects that you can collide with to achieve a better score.Short dungeon

After defeating the small enemies the door to the next access will open. You will have approximately 45 seconds to get the magician to the door, in this way the health and energy of your character will be restored. If you do not succeed, do not worry, you will go to the next level but with the problem that the magician will be damaged and at the minimum contact with an enemy he can die.

The most practical advice I can give you is that identify the type of stroke that best suits your skill. The character has a certain weight, can pick up speed or slow down when in contact with certain elements. Note that barrels can give you the boost to ascend to a level where there is greater depth in the dungeon.Deep dungeon

Try to always enter the door at the end of the level, this way you make sure the wizard survives the rest of the game during the next level.

An entertaining game worth experiencing

Pinball machines are very popular, so much so that they have moved to a virtual level. How I remember the times I spent playing Windows Space Pinball, it was one of the most popular games that I could spend playing for hours. With The Pinball Wizard the same thing can happen to me, however, the complexity of the game will increase as the dungeon will change in shape and size.The Pinball Wizard Tutorial

Remember that playing story mode in the tower there are 21 levels, so you can start walking through this game thanks to the initial tutorial and discover what it can offer you. The graphics are great without being extraordinary, and the gameplay is simple. What is required is the ability to find the strengths that allow you to finish off the enemies as quickly as possible.Exit key

In conclusion, The Pinball Wizard revives a classic game with an interesting storyLevel up

It is one of the games that you are surprised to see on a large platform like Apple Arcade. It could go unnoticed within the App Store but, within the aforementioned catalog, stands out for being an arcade adventure game in which the Washington Post himself highlights that it is in a top 5. The developers have more games, in case you want to discover them we leave you the following link.Game over

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