The PC market is going through a positive moment

That he PC market is going through a positive period, after the vertiginous collapse due to the pandemic it is no longer a novelty and the different studies of the sector are definitively confirming it.

The PC market is going through a positive moment

Following the information from Canalys comes further confirmation from Gartner, which publishes industry studies related to the third quarter of 2020.

However, the figures reported by specialized analysts are more cautious than those published by Canalys, and they tell us that the global PC market has grown 3.6% annually (+ 13% than the study seen yesterday), highlighting among other things that the demand of the consumer segment it is the highest recorded in five years.

It goes without saying that Gartner also attributes this boom to the spread of smart working and distance learning, noting, among other things, that the enterprise market has not been left behind.

In this context, the study reveals that Apple has grown 7.3 percentage points, and they have even made it even better ASUS Y Acer with an increase in shipments of 12.9 Y 29.5% respectively.


The top of the ranking compared to the previous quarter remains unchanged, with Lenovo dominating the market (+ 8.3% YoY in Q3 2020) and exceeding 18 million units shipped for the first time.

HP in the second position it remains stable but loses some points of market share, while Dell in this quarter it loses almost 5% annually.

The laptops are the ones that continue to lead the recovery, being the most popular when it comes to smart work and remote learning, however, analysts predict that by the end of next year, demand will begin to decline and then stabilize at “normal” pre-COVID19 Levels within two years.

Lastly, let’s not forget that a big boost came from the corporate and government segment: Large companies continued to buy PCs for remote work, and many governments have allocated substantial funds to promote distance learning.

It is inevitable that, once the situation stabilizes, these types of incentives will fail and the impact will be felt on sales.

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