The next challenge of the Apple Watch «Ring in the New Year» is now official, close your rings from January 7, 2021

To kick off the new year 2021 in shape, Apple has just made the next “Ring in the New Year” activity challenge official from January 7 to January 31, 2021. Close the rings on your Apple Watch for 7 days in a row. Can you handle the challenge?

Apple encourages Apple Watch users to close their rings for 7 days

These challenges are designed with the purpose of using the Apple Watch for keep fit, exercise and take advantage of all the training features you have. It is 3 years out of the last 4 that Apple has completed the “Ring in the New Year” challenge.

Most of the challenges are carried out on a specific day, but in this case, the New Year’s challenge will be to close the 3 activity rings in 7 consecutive days with a total of 25 days. What will the reward be? Apple will reward with exclusive badges in the Activity app and you will also have exclusive stickers for use in the Messages and FaceTime apps.

An ad that comes in handy with the launch of Apple Fitness + (although it is not available in Spain)

Apple finally made the launch of Apple Fitness + a reality, the problem is that it is not available in many countries around the world including Spain, Mexico and the rest of Latin America. With the challenges of the new Apple service it will be easier to meet the new New Year’s challenge.

Before January 7, your Apple Watch will alert you to the next challenge and ask if you are ready to meet it. For now, we share some of the content that you can enjoy if you are able to meet the challenge.Stickers and rewards challenge Apple Watch Ring in the New Year

Remember that it is 7 consecutive days, so we suggest you plan in advance which days you will choose to achieve it. It does not count if one day you decide not to do any activity, it is 7 days in a row. Have you met the other previous New Years challenges? Share your thoughts on the new “Ring in the New Year” challenge in the comment box.

Remember that the best way to control the activity of your Apple Watch it’s with the app with the same name on your iPhone.