Putting together the rumors about possible Apple launches in the not too distant future, the Cupertino company now has a good range of options available on the table. First of all we have to say that Apple will continue to use Intel processors for at least a couple more years, but more Macs will bring the new M1 inside that can improve with the passage of the months even though they are already more powerful than the Intel i9 in the 16-inch Pro according to the first Geekbench.

If we listen to the rumors we could have several MacBook Pros, an iMac and a Mac Pro

The Mac Pro was a rumor that appeared from the hand of Ming-Chi Kuo and personally speaking I think it would be the last to be launched, already these new ARM processors need stability and time to be launched on such specific equipment for professionals, but we can expect anything from Apple.

About the arrival of new 16-inch MacBook Pros and iMac with these processors we have no doubt. Surely Apple is already working on it and we may have something new in this regard for the month of March. To think that for now they can keep several computers with Intel processors in case users want to opt for them and gradually implement new MacBook with these M1s in the catalog. It will also be seen if they can improve these processors in such a short time but we do not doubt that they also have a complete team for these advances.

Summing up a bit, we have to be attentive to the next Apple releases since it is possible that they will be for the first quarter of the year and it is almost certain that they will add these M1s in them. We’ll see if it will be a MacBook Pro or an iMac at the moment we have a MacBook Air, a Mac mini and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.