The most activated phones on Christmas Day were the iPhone

Among the 10 most activated smartphone models on Christmas Day 2020, nine of them were an Apple iPhone, with the iPhone 11 holding the crown.

The most activated phones on Christmas Day were the iPhone

The iPhone 11 was the most activated device at Christmas, marking the second year in a row that the model has ranked first; indicate data from Flurry Analytics. Activations for the specific model were 5% higher than the seven-day average between December 18 and December 24.

Credit: Flurry Analytics

In second and third place were the iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro Max, respectively. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro Max were ranked fourth and fifth.

Activations for the iPhone 12 Pro Max were 14% higher than the previous seven-day average. The 6.7-inch model was the leading premium device, and Flurry Analytics says its position illustrates “strong and long-lasting demand” for the model.

The iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 rounded out the top nine. The only non-Apple device on the list, the LG K30, came in at No. 10. Its activations were up 181% compared to the seven-day average.

According to Flurry Analytics, the success of inexpensive models like the iPhone SE suggests that American consumers have been much more price conscious during the 2020 holiday season. However, Apple’s cheapest model in the iPhone 12 lineup, the iPhone 12 mini, does not appear in the top 10.

The analytics firm notes that Apple’s high-end devices tend to increase in popularity at launch. All this before being overtaken by cheaper models. On that basis, the activation percentages compared to the seven-day average would indicate the demand for holiday gifts; rather than the popularity of the model.

It’s also unclear when the devices were purchased, only when they were activated. Because of that, activations on Christmas Day could be more indicative of early December shipments than demand closer to the holiday.

Flurry adds that smartphone activations decreased 23% year-over-year during the 2020 holidays, compared to the 2019 holiday season.

Credit: Flurry Analytics

Christmas Day is the biggest day for smartphone activations in the US, giving analytics companies like Flurry the opportunity to analyze consumer demand and preferences. Flurry collects data from its Analytics APIs, which are used by more than a million applications.