The Morning Show

The Serie The Morning Show has been one of the most affected by the delay in the recordings caused by the coronavirus, a delay that in this case, made the producers of the series rewrite part of the script to adapt it to the global pandemic that 9 months later we continue to suffer in most countries.

In mid-August, the recording of this new season continued, following strict security measures to prevent it from becoming a focus of coronavirus. When it seemed that everything was being done correctly, the recording has been paralyzed after detecting a positive case for coronavirus.

According to the E! News, filming planned for December 17 at night in Culver City, California it was canceled at the last minute when the positive of the filming member was known. All the people who have been in contact with this worker are isolated awaiting confirmation of whether they have been infected or not.

Presumably, the filming just and necessary will be paralyzed Until checking if the rest of the staff has been infected after performing the corresponding diagnostic tests, so it is most likely that this will resume in a few days, as long as the number of possible infected is not very high.

At the moment, Apple still does not report on what will be the premiere date of this second season, a season of which two episodes had already been recorded in March when filming was stopped for the first time.

The Mornging Show has been one of the series that more nominations and awards has received, so Apple should be trying to do everything possible for the filming to be delayed as little as possible without putting employees’ health at risk.