The longest keynote in history

Although it only lasted about forty-five minutes, Apple’s latest event, “One more thing”, has been the one that has resonated most strongly, with the presentation of the new computers with their proprietary “System on chip” (SoC ) M1, abandoning processors made by Intel.

As you surely know, unless you’ve been living in a cave and you’re out just to read this article, Apple has introduced a new MacBook Air, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro with its new chip, achieving – in a rare instance – that both analysts and users agree on the great power they offer, maintaining or improving the price of their predecessors.

However, having three Apple events in three consecutive months, and the last one being called “One More Thing”, which is the phrase popularized by Steve Jobs when he had a surprise product to present, makes me think that in reality what we have lived, thank you / despite the pandemic it has been a very long keynote, broken down over the months.

This has allowed Apple to influence each product with greater profusion than if they had all been presented together in a two-hour keynote (marathon) and the result is that Apple has monopolized the news during the last months of the year, suffocating any attempt of the competition for attention.

To further increase the effect of constant news from Apple, iPhones have been released in batches of two, so that when the novelty of the former is over, the latter have arrived.

Let’s review what he has presented at the events:

The announcement of the Time Flies event

Event “Time flies”, September 15

Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

New iPad 8th generation and new iPad Air

iOS 14

Apple Fitness +

Hi speed event

Event “Hello speed”, October 13

HomePod mini

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

One more thing event

Event “One more thing”, November 10

MacBook Air M1

MacBook Pro M1

Mac mini M1

Big sur

All this amid factory closures, production delays and transportation, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If one year Apple has demonstrated not only its dynamics of innovation but its manufacturing and planning muscle to overcome unforeseen and unpredictable situations, this has been it.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that what Apple has presented are leading products in their respective segments, and that they have practically no competition in the market: talk about phones, tablets or watches, Apple products take many bodies of advantage to what others are doing, both in benefits and in units sold.

So no one can tell who has organized keynotes “Filler”, but all have been taken over by products that by themselves – as they have repeated so many times from Apple – if they were established as independent companies would be absolutely successful.

For 2021 the question remains of the success of Fitness + and how many of the free Apple TV + users will renew when they have to pay for the service (remember that Apple has extended the free subscription for three more months due to the impossibility of releasing the second seasons of its series – which are the ones that hook the viewer to stay subscribed).

In any case, we can say that Apple has made history in 2020, not only presenting products that are milestones in their segment, but also for having produced the longest keynote in history, something that would have been unthinkable if they had planned to displace all journalists three times to the Steve Jobs auditorium for as many presentations.