The LiDAR scanner of the iPhone 12 Pro and its function

The last week of October begins and we begin the countdown to the Christmas holidays and many users are thinking about whether it is worth getting the new iPhone, so this time we tell you about a feature that maybe I can cheer on about choosing between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 ProNext, we will tell you all about the LiDAR scanner and how it powers the flagship phone of the bitten apple brand.

A couple of weeks ago the long-awaited iPhone 12 was presented to the world, and specifically the iPhone 12 Pro line exclusively presented a sensor that we saw in the iPad Pro at the beginning of the year, it is the LiDAR scanner which is the bet of the brand of the bitten apple on AR (augmented reality)Apple has introduced us to this technology, but the LiDAR scanner in these devices still seems to have great untapped potential.

An interesting feature that has been identified by users who have already purchased an iPhone 12 Pro is the use of this scanning technology, and it is that users have demonstrated that the LiDAR scanner on new iPhones provides the ability to measure a person’s height using the Measure app.

The LiDAR scanner can be used in architecture

Only iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max owners who use the Measure application on their device can enjoy this benefit, if you are one of the lucky ones, with the Measure application open, you can place a person away from the iPhone in such a way appear on the screen from head to toe, followed by this, LiDAR scanner will automatically detect and scan the person’s height and a bar will appear at the top of the person showing their height.

In addition, you can take a photo of the person with the height indicator and then share it with the person or with more users later. The mark of the bitten apple also points out that even the height of a person sitting in a chair can be measured with the Measure app, this can be ideal if applied for measurements that have to do with interior design or architecture.

LiDAR sensor iPad Pro

While it may turn out to be a simple feature, it’s definitely cool to use the LiDAR scanner in those situations, Apple indicates that the LiDAR scanner can create a 3D map of a sceneAs has been seen, the height measurement will also be accurate and unlike other AR applications that offer similar functionality, this technology that the iPhone 12 has differs from the competition that only relies on the camera data for it .