The iPhone of 2021 must incorporate USB-C and forget the Lightning port for these reasons (opinion)

It seems a lie but we are about to enter the year 2021 and we are still talking about the Lightning port of the iPhone. A port that made an appearance in 2012. Is Apple waiting for it to turn 10? Do you want to defend your own port tooth and nail? The reality is that Apple is holding on to a past that has already completely changed. If you already did it for the Mac and iPad in their Pro and Air versions, Why not make it on the next iPhone of 2021? These are the reasons why Apple must incorporate USB-C in the possible iPhone 13.

A bit of history, the iPhone 5 introduced Lightning to replace the 30-pin port

For many years, the 30-pin port dominated Apple products. He did it on the iPod classic, nano, touch, the first iPhones up to 4S. There was a need to make devices thinner and to have an equal connection from both sides. It is 80% smaller and is 8-pin. When USB-C didn’t exist (it was until 2014) it was thought that the Lightning port would be a standard for all Apple products. It was, but other devices began to show the benefits of both data transfer and loading speed.

Lightning port on iPhone
Lightning port on iPhone

The Lightning port is here to stay on the iPhone, on recent generations of iPod touch and on the entry-level iPad as well as the iPad mini. Why hasn’t Apple transitioned from the Lightning port to USB-C on the iPhone 12? Why did you do it on the iPad Air 4?

A situation of pride or is it really functional?

My idea has always been that Apple has tried to offer its users the best connectivity solutions. The Lightning has been his thing and one that was a source of pride for many years. However, USB-C is a standard that is approved by more brands (they approved it too) and that It has proven to be both functional in mobile devices, laptops, and power adapters.

The impact of the iPhone 12
The impact of the iPhone 12

The madness that broke out many haters and users is that Apple included a Lightning to USB-C cable in the iPhone 12 box when, for many years, Lifetime USB-A charger included. Logically, users who have the complete ecosystem, if we talk about an iPad Pro have the compatible adapter. Even the most recent MacBook with USB-C but this adapter will not give enough charging power to the iPhone.

What happens then? Apple simply does not want to let die a port that is its own and that it boasted with great fanfare in 2012.

From 2003 to 2012, almost 10 years to abandon the 30-pin port. From 2012 to 2021? Hopefully it will happen with the next iPhone 13 or 12S if they continue with the S series on mobiles.

File transfer, accessory connection and better fast charging, benefits of the USB-C that the iPhone of 2021 must have

This is what many of the users already enjoy in the middle of 2020 in the iPad Pro, in the next iPad Air 4 and in other Android mobiles such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Motorola, etc.

IPhone 12 supports 20W “fast charge”. This could change if Apple dares to put a USB-C. We know that we will not have a major fast charge for next year, but those of Cupertino could study it if they include USB-C in the iPhone.

There is a Lightning to USB-A adapter for connecting accessories. These do not work the same, the performance is not as expected. There is a backup Lightning port on one of the adapters so the adapter doesn’t run out of power enough to keep the accessories working. With the USB-C port and the wide variety of third-party accessories out there, the iPhone could be more versatile.

And finally, file transfer shouldn’t be complicated. It is true that Apple is committed to iCloud and a mobile without cables. What is a reality is that today, users still need USB drives to take your files and explore them on one device.

These reasons are the ones that weigh heavily when it comes to an iPhone with a Lightning port. We hope that next year Apple will finally eliminate the Lightning port, it is not necessary to continue with technology that no longer belongs to the present, much less the future. What do you think about the Lightning port? Will you think about your purchase if the iPhone of 2021 continues with Lightning?

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