The iPhone 12 mini will not have the maximum load of 15 W via MagSafe

If you reserve an iPhone 12 mini soon, you should know that it will not have the maximum load of 15 W using the MagSafe. This has been made official in a support document (via MacRumors) which explains the conditions of use of the MagSafe itself and its operation with different power adapters. Disappointment? Let’s analyze it.

The iPhone 12 mini will not be the same as its older brothers, charging via MagSafe is limited to 12 W

The support document related to MagSafe details that the iPhone 12 mini does not have the same 15W charge as other models. Also, Apple explains that if you have Lightning accessories connected while charging it will mean a lower charging speed.iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

Recall that Apple boasted a “fast charge” with its 15 W MagSafe base, the fastest ever since the iPhone 11 and earlier charge at 7.5 W. Unfortunately, if you are taking a look at the iPhone 12 mini and MagSafe , the experience will not be the same.

Why is this happening? 15W charging speeds are not the ones that will always prevail. This was demonstrated in a video of Apollo Zac from 9to5Mac and in the article where he explained why the MagSafe does not cover the absence of the AirPower. The state of charge of the battery, in addition to the temperature or loss of energy, cause the charging speed to vary downwards.

If you are going to charge your iPhone with the MagSafe, try not to have anything connected to the Lightning portMagSafe with holster

The Lightning port (which is still alive in the iPhone and the entry iPad + iPad mini) greatly limits the connectivity of the MagSafe. If you have EarPods connected while charging your iPhone, the charge will be 7.5 W. This is due to “regulatory standards” that are likely related to a quality control situation. Perhaps Apple did not think twice about compromising the security of its users (Samsung’s Note 7 case).

If you use an unofficial third party power adapter you will have a slow charge. Most likely (with the video discussed above) it is 10 W. Apple recommends that the new iPhone 12 be charged via MagSafe, to offer the fastest and most efficient charge.

Other details to consider

If you were wondering if it was wise to charge your iPhone with the MagSafe even with a credit card or other valuable card (wallet accessory), Apple indicates that nothing should be put between the iPhone and the MagSafe because it could damage the magnetic strips or the chips that the bank cards have.

If you have an iPhone connected to a MagSafe charger powered by the Lightning port, the iPhone will end up charging through this connector. Apple cautions that like other wireless chargers, the iPhone or MagSafe can get “a little” hot. So if the battery gets too hot, the software itself will limit the load above 80%.MagSafe Accessories

Finally, if you use a leather case while charging your iPhone with the MagSafe, be very careful as the cover will leave circular marks due to the compression of the material. Apple suggests using a case other than leather.

What do you think of all this? Do you think the MagSafe is what we needed for wireless charging? Share your impressions of this information in the comment box.