The iPhone 12 is already the best-selling 5G smartPhone in the world

Just two weeks after its launch, the iPhone 12 has become the best-selling 5G smartPhone in the world. It’s what Apple has. Sometimes it reminds me of the legend of King Midas, that everything he touched turned to gold, of course it was also a curse. The iPhone 12 occupies the first position taking much advantage of the rest.

According to analysts, the iPhone 12 is the best-selling 5G smartPhone in the world

Configuration iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro

A report published by Counterpoint Research claims that the iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling 5G smartPhone in October. That is, in the same month of its launch. That is to say in just two weeks after the date of entry on the market it managed to take the number 1 position.

These data are very significant because in just two weeks of sales the iPhone 12 reached the TOP of sales within the phones that have the new 5G technology. In general terms, and taking into account the time span from January to October, the iPhone ranked seventh, but of course the Apple only competed two weeks against the rest.

iPhone 12 as number 1 within smartphones with.  5G

As we can see in the graph, the iPhone 12 Pro was the second best-selling 5G smartphone, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. The iPhone 12 and the Pro model brought together almost a quarter of total sales. Compared to all models with this new technology on the market.

According to these analysts, it is believed that there was a significant demand for an upgrade to 5G. This spike was caused by strong promotions from operators within the US. It represents more than a third of the sales of these iPhone models.

Augmented Reality with ARKit

Counterpoint thinks this affects the telecommunications industry and speculates that it may facilitate Apple’s future push in other sectors such as augmented reality:

This is important because it gives operators an incentive to deploy the mmWave infrastructure quickly. The high performance and low latency provided by mmWave will help unlock the true potential of 5G. With the mmWave network and devices in place. It would establish a solid foundation for Apple Harness the power of mmWave in segments like AR / VR.