The HEY mail app will now support multiple accounts

The email application Hey appeared on the scene earlier this summer and today it is receiving a notable update that provides the option for customers to use multiple email accounts in the application of ios from service.

The HEY mail app now supports multiple accounts

HEY (from the makers of Basecamp) has been releasing regular updates after the official launch. Let’s remember that last October, the application got an update that includes dozens of widgets, support for opening links with third-party browsers, and more.

The update now will provide support for the use of multiple accounts will certainly be very welcome for those who want to fully immerse themselves in HEY instead of having to use multiple email applications for different accounts (or use the HEY browser version for each one ).

Hey describes how to set up multiple accounts in the notes to the version version 1.1.2:

  1. Tap your avatar in the upper right corner of the Inbox
  2. Touch the option “Sign in to another account”
  3. Enter the login credentials for your other account
  4. Whenever you want to see your other accounts, just tap on your avatar to switch

One of the premises that this application presumes is to offer a personalized experience together with the protection of privacy, only those who accept personally can send us mail.

If someone writes us for the first time to the account of Hey We can decide if we want you to continue doing it, otherwise the emails you send will be automatically deleted.

Its inbox is very clean, offering the main emails with a lower menu of options from which we can access complementary trays such as the promotional email feed and also the delivery confirmation feed and the like.

For all these details, we can say that this email service is an excellent alternative to other already established platforms, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo!

Hey is an application of free download from the App Store with a 14 day trial. The payment for the service starts at $ 99 usd per year after the 15-day trial.