The game “Pascal’s bet” the first for iPad with mouse and keyboard support

The role-playing game and dark fantasy “Pascal’s bet” is the first to offer mouse and keyboard support on the iPad. The game has an impressive graphic level, a great variety of characters and a soundtrack performed by a real orchestra.

“Pascal’s bet” an impressive game to enjoy on the iPad

“Pascal’s Wager” allows you to play with various characters to experience a fascinating story as they explore an adventurous world lost in mystery. Along the way, you’ll fight devilishly epic bosses and embrace the harsh realities of Truth and Death. All accompanied by an incredibly detailed soundtrack that is performed by a full symphony orchestra, offering a truly masterful experience.

With its new version 1.6.2 released recently, Pascal’s Wager o “Pascal’s bet” now admits the possibility to use a mouse and keyboard on devices with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or later. With this new option, it gives the player more precise control to enjoy the game.

On the user Applegamers He posted a video recently giving us glimpses of how the controls for the game work.

In the last WWDC 2020, Apple announced the compatibility with keyboard, mice and trackpad for games, showing in a specific Online session for developers, in which it gave them the nuances of how to implement it in their applications.

While we already found games that have added keyboard support, “XCOM 2” and “Civilization VI” already offered it. Pascal’s Wager’s bet is novel, since it has been the first to implement mouse and keyboard controls in an iOS and iPadOS game, offering more playability, similar to what we find in macOS games.

You can download the game at the following link: