The first iMac of the Apple Silicon era could be launched in March

iMac concept

This is a rumor that we have to take it with “tweezers”, but if we take into account that we already have the first Apple Silicon in mini and MacBook format on the market, it is logical that the next ones are iMac desktop.

Said rumor suggests that they will be released in the month of March. I am anxious for it to be so. An Apple range that has looked the same for many years needs an urgent aesthetic renovation. And if you mount the new M1 processor on top, it can be a brutal evolution.

We’ve had three Apple Silicon models on the market for a couple of months now, two laptops, and a Mac mini, so by 2021, we’ll probably see a new one. Apple Silicon iMac. All signs point to it, including a mysterious tweet from a well-known Apple leaker who thinks it will arrive in just a couple of months.

A enigmatic tweet from L0vetodream has set off alarms. It only mentions the number ‘3’, along with a short video showing how the iMac has evolved as an “all-in-one” computer. The number suggests the third month of this year, which is March, highlighting that Apple may reveal a new iMac in that month.

The first ARM iMac

This would be Apple’s first desktop computer to transition from Intel processors to its new ARM-based processors. Looking at current processor performance M1 From the company, we expect phenomenal results in future Apple Silicon new age iMacs.

And together with the new M1 processor, a new restyling is expected in the screen of the iMac. It urgently needs a new design with small bezels in keeping with the times we live in. Although it leaves a slightly larger lower one to fit the famous bitten apple, the other three that surround the screen must be reduced to the minimum expression.

And maybe with a new size of 24 inches, either complementing the other two existing ones, or replacing the smaller 21.5-inch and leaving the new ARM iMac with 24 and 27-inch screens. We hope to get out of doubt soon.