The first GeekBench of the Apple Silicon A14X processor appear

MacBook A14X

Tomorrow we have a new Apple event. And we know little about its content. Name, “One More Thing»And the subject, Apple Silicon. In contrast to the last keynote, which we already knew practically everything about the iPhones 12 presented, the truth is that little has been leaked from what we will see tomorrow.

We only know that it will finally break free macOS Big Sur for all users, and that a Mac of the new Apple Silicon era will be presented. Surely a laptop, and maybe an iMac too. Little, we know very little. What is certain is that they will mount the new A14X processor, and they have already started to see some GeekBench results, and they are impressive. Let’s see.

We all know the app GeekBench 5. Test the performance of a computer, tablet or smartphone, with the “grace” that you can publish the results to compare your equipment with the rest of the GeekBench user community.

Well, some tests of mysterious computers equipped with the Apple processor have already appeared A14X. said data shows a 1.80GHz processor with Turbo Boost at 3.10GHz. It is an 8 core chip with a very small layout. The GPU results show 8GB of RAM built into the processor chipset.

Chip A 14

The A14X is the Mac version of the iPhone and iPad Air A14.

The A14X single core score was 1,634 points, much higher than the A12Z processor which stands at 1,118 points. The A14 just scored 1,583 points for single-core tests, so there isn’t much difference between the A14X for computers and the A14 for portable devices.

In the multi-core test, the new processor performs much better than the previous ones. The A14X got 7,220 points against the A12Z, which remains at 4,657 points. The bare A14 scored 4,198 points in this test, which means that the processor in future Macs offers a marked increase in performance from GeekBench benchmarks. No doubt the additional RAM and graphics capabilities of the X-specific GPU for Macs greatly help the benchmarks of this famous application.

Score that beats the 16-inch MacBook Pro Intel i9

If these results were from a 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the new processor, we would be facing a new model that far exceeds its predecessor with an Intel chipset, since the same laptop with an Intel Core i9 processor gives a score of 1,096 points in a single nucleus, and 6,869 points with all their cores working. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see what they teach us.