The fingerprint reader under the screen would still be possible

L0vetodream states that the fingerprint reader under the screen is still possible on an iPhone. It may take longer than the competition, but when it comes, Apple offers maximum security and the best user experience.

If there is something that characterizes Apple, it is the security of its devices. First it was el TouchID launched in 2013 with the iPhone 5S. It allowed through the button of the iPhone and iPad to unlock the device. A biometric scan and recognition of the fingerprints was carried out to confirm that the device was yours.

Apple would continue working on the technology to integrate a fingerprint reader under the screen

But, with the arrival of the iPhone X and the elimination of the iconic home button Apple to make an all screen, TouchID was replaced by FaceID, facial recognition to unlock the device. Despite some initial problems, many users and experts consider it to be the system that works best.

Xiaomi Mi 9, fingerprint reader

Obviously with the elimination of home button Much began to be rumored about the possibility of including finger unlocking under the screen. It’s more, already with the launch of the iPhone 8 there was talk of a curved OLED screen and with integrated fingerprint reader.

The iPhone 13 could have FaceID and TouchID as validation and unlocking systems

Over the years they have appeared on the market smartphones with integrated readers under the screen. But its integration into an iPhone had no longer been considered. Well apparently, according to the latest rumors from one of the rumor gurus regarding Apple, @ L0vetodream, those in Cupertino would continue to work on fingerprint technology integrated into the screen.

In fact Apple has continued delivering patents referred to this validation system. And already Ming-Chi Kuo raised that in 2021 there would be an iPhone with a double validation system, FaceID and a TouchID built into the display.

We will see if the iPhone 13 recovers the TouchID And so, even if we are in the dark or with masks, we can unlock our devices. It would be good news.