The figures show the energy efficiency of Apple Silicon

When Apple launched the new Macs with Apple Silicon, one of the features that attracted the most attention was the ability to manage power. In fact, one of the best features that this new processor had was the battery life. Now the figures come to confirm something that was already known and is the good Apple Silicon’s energy efficiency capability.

The energy efficiency of Apple Silicon is staggering according to the figures.Mac mini apple M1

On the official Apple support page figures have been published that are also echoed by the famous Apple analyst John Gruber, What have you done a comparison of these figures contributed by the American company.

Be that as it may, what is remarkable is the capacity of the new Mac mini with Apple Silicon processor and M1 chip, of manage energy. For example, the actual idle power consumption of the M1 Mac Mini is 6.8 W, which is a paltry amount considering previous models.

Comparison chart of various Mac mini models

Mac Mini model Minimum Power
Maximum power
Minimum outlet temperature Maximum outlet temperature
2020, M1 7 39 2. 3 133
2018, 6-core Core i7 twenty 122 68 417
2014, 2-core Core i5 6 85 twenty 290
2006, Core Solo / Duo 2. 3 110 79 376
2005, PowerPC G4 32 85 110 290

If we see the graph we can see how the new models with M1 have a much lower cost in comparison with 2018 models and the temperature is the new models is laughable.

The new full-speed Mac Mini M1 uses approximately the same power as a Mac Mini G4 standing there with the Finder open and doing nothing. John Gruber speculates that the difference between the 2014 and 2018 models may explain why there was such a long gap between the updates. The M1 Mac mini achieves its impressive energy efficiency despite a significant increase in performance.

It is much clearer if possible, that buying a Mac model with M1 is a total success. Not only in power, but also energy expenditure and working temperatures. This in the long run means a longer life for the device.

We may see with another face to these computers and their prices every time we read new news about its benefits.