The faq-mac talk show: iPhone 12, Macs with ARM and video tapes

As I warned yesterday in the article about using the iPhone as a Mac camera, we have started an experience of commenting on Apple’s news in a gathering, without rules, without filters, and without political correctness, where everyone can express their opinion, favorable or no, to what is happening in the world of technology.

The topics that were on the menu of the day were the newly introduced iPhone 12 with all its marketing (5G) and its controversies (elimination of headphones and charger), the imminent Macs with ARM and what to expect, the AirTags, and much more …

The guests on this occasion are Albert Cuesta, Daniel de Blas, Albert Navarro, MadMac and Alf from faq-mac.

As it is the first experience, it has been long but intense. We are waiting your comments.

If you want to participate in the next experience, you are invited to the private Faq-mac room at Zoom, where next Tuesday we will comment live on the “One more thing” event.

We wait for you!