The faq-mac Chat. First part

Over the weekend we had our first chat open to anyone who wanted to participate, meeting in the Zoom room, and also broadcasting live on Facebook and on our own page.

Different friends showed up on social networks to comment live and it resulted in a pleasant chat … which lasted two hours! But nobody panic. What we put here is (only) the first hour. We will upload the rest of the gathering in an independent file, so that you can dose your dose of faq-mac 馃槈

The Faq-Mac round table is made up of:

Daniel de Blas, tech-savvy journalist (@danidblas on Twitter)

Albert Cuesta, tech-savvy journalist (, @albertcuesta)

Madmac, Faq-Mac contributor

Alfby Faq-Mac

The experience was fantastic and we hope to repeat it many times to establish a conversation with you.

Leave us your opinions!

Thank you for always being there