The famous Mp3Tag metadata editor finally available for macOS


The times change. A few years ago, before the fashion of listening to music through streaming platforms, the Mp3 format was the most used to play the songs of your favorite artists, either on your computer, or on portable devices that played Mp3, Like the iPods.

And one of the most used programs for Windows to edit the metadata of Mp3 files is undoubtedly Mp3Tag. If you are a music fan and still use the Mp3 format, know that now you can use a new version of Mp3Tag for your Mac.

Mp3tag is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications for editing audio file metadata in Windows, since it works with multiple audio formats and has advanced tools that help users better organize the details of songs, albums or podcasts . Today Mp3tag finally arrives on Macs with an official application for macOS available on the App Store.

Today, editing audio file tags or metadata may not be necessary for most users. Streaming platforms like Apple Music They already give you everything done, and you do not need to add any information to the songs you listen to. But it is extremely important for professionals like DJs and podcasters who need to make sure that their audio files have all the data about artists, genres, composers, etc.

A version very similar to Windows

That is where Mp3tag comes into play as a powerful tool that allows users to edit such audio file data. The Mac version of the application is quite similar to the version of Windows, so users who already knew the application will be very familiar with it when using Mp3tag on macOS. After opening the application, you can drag one or more audio files into the application to edit the metadata for each one.

Mp3tag for macOS is now available on the Mac App Store for 21.99 Euros, but you can download a 7-day trial version from the site official Web by Mp3tag. Better late than never…